Description: Run is an obstacle running game. Choose between three modes: Adventure, Infinite, or Edit then help your avatar run through obstacles. In Adventure mode, you will go through many different levels created for the game. In Infinite mode, you will run forever until you lose! In Edit mode, you can edit the obstacle course! Instead of avoiding objects you’re avoiding holes that will send you to outer space. Use the arrow keys to direct the character left or right to dodge the holes. If you have nowhere to go press spacebar to jump. Also, you have the ability to rotate the screen. Run to the side and continue pressing left or right. The side you’re running next to will be your new running platform. Use this to your advantage because the levels will be harder and more holes to dodge and jump over.

Controls: On a PC, move the avatar with your arrow keys. Press spacebar to jump.

How to play: This game can only be play on a PC with Adobe Flash installed and enabled on our website with your permission. On a PC? This game will load on top of the page. However, some games will not load with Adblock on so if you are having trouble, please disable Adblock to play.

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