Papa’s Burgeria

Papa's Burgeria

Description: Papa’s Burgeria is a food serving management skill game. In this sequel to Papa’s Pizzeria, choose to play as Marty or Rita. You, either as Marty or Rita, have won a contest from Papa Louie. As the winner, you now have a chance to run and operate your own restaurant. Papa Louie put you in charge at Papa’s Burgeria so now you have to cook, build, and serve the craziest burgers in town. Play through the tutorial, work up the ranks and become a patty flipping master!

Controls: On a PC, use your mouse to select and drag to the required position.

How to play: This game can only be play on a PC with Adobe Flash installed and enabled on our website with your permission. On a PC? This game will load on top of the page. However, some games will not load with Adblock on so if you are having trouble, please disable Adblock to play.

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