Moto X3M

Description: Moto X3M is a motorbike driving skill game. Drive and control your motorbike through 22 challenging obstacle courses. Try to beat the time while do amazing stunts when you can! To earn 3 stars for each level you need to beat the level within or below the standard time for the stars. Be careful and don’t crash or you will be sent back to start over. Luckily, there are check points you can cross and you will start there instead of the beginning. However, your time will not stop even during a crash, but you can lose .5 seconds for performing flips. Each flip will take .5 seconds away off your time.

Controls: On a PC, use your arrow keys to control the rider.

How to play: This game can only be play on a PC with Adobe Flash installed and enabled on our website with your permission. On a PC? This game will load on top of the page. However, some games will not load with Adblock on so if you are having trouble, please disable Adblock to play.

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