Monster Truck Adventure 3D

Monster Truck  Adventure 3D

Description: Monster Truck Adventure 3D is a monster truck racing game. There are 3 modes of game play to choose from; Career, Single Race and Time Trial. In each mode, you need to drive your monster truck and try to win the race. In Career mode, you are challenge to beat your opponents in many races. The races are saved and it will be continuous. In Single Race mode, the track will be random, but you will race against difficult opponents. In Time Trial mode, race on a track against time. Try to finish the track with the best time!

Controls: On a PC, use your arrow keys to drive your monster truck.

How to play: This game can only be play on a PC with Adobe Flash installed and enabled on our website with your permission. On a PC? This game will load on top of the page. However, some games will not load with Adblock on so if you are having trouble, please disable Adblock to play.

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